Poly-V Belt Driven Conveyors Are Ideal For Heavy Duty Handling

Hytrol's Poly-V belt driven conveyors are an alternative to chain rollers providing an efficient, quiet and maintenance free operation. The unique polyurethane v-belts used to drive the rollers prevent jumping and reduce noise by absorbing shock and vibrations. The Poly-V series of conveyors is ideally suited for heavier loads such as pallets, drums, containers and totes. Accumulation is possible when combined with our EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation system and a more energy efficient operation is attainable when paired with our E24™ 24 VDC motor. With six different Poly-V belt models, Hytrol provides the ideal pallet handling solution for you.

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Total system integration is a Century Conveyor Service, Inc. specialty. Our experience in designing and implementing custom integrated material handling solutions, allows us to offer our customers systems that maximize efficiency and grow the bottom line. Please browse our listing of successful Integrated Material Handling System solutions below to learn more.

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Successful Customer Solutions
Due to the Internet and today’s fast-paced environment, Simon & Schuster is challenged to get it's product out in the market quicker. With a volume surge in 2002-2003, they collaborated with Century Conveyor Service, Inc. of South Plainfield, NJ to develop a two-phase operation to meet this challenge. The two-phased upgrade met the goals of Simon & Schuster with absolutely minimal downtime.
Improved accuracy, speed, and throughput
New carton & tote handling system offers increased accuracy, speed, and throughput improving Barnes & Noble services to their customers.
Acheiving 99.9% Order Accuracy
New picking technology combines with integrated conveyor system to help AmeriSource distribution center reach new levels of productivity and order accuracy.
Martignetti Speeds Deliveries using Hytrol System
Upgraded conveyor system helps Martignetti to meet company goal of shipping 24 thousand cases per day.
Throughput Increases 35-40%
Conveyor system in new distribution center increases throughput with less manual labor.
Productivity increases 20% in first week of start-up
New plant will process four times as much material in the same amount of time with same number of employees.
Low Maintenance, Reduced Manual Lifting
Utilization of work stations and multiple conveyor systems produce a system of operation ergonomically safer and more cost efficient.
Conveyor System Upgrade Increases Throughput
Faster order-picking and increased flexibility improve order-filling accuracy.
Conveyors Keep Auto Parts Moving
New system helps Worldpac distribution center expedite customer orders fast and flawlessly.
HD Smith Increases Productivity with Hytrol System
New system increases primary pick locations, worker productivity, and shortens cycle time.
Satisfied Customers
Concept to Installation Solutions
Following is a partial list of our long term, valued customers. We will gladly provide more information upon request.
  • Amerisource
  • Apex
  • Argix Direct
  • Barnes & Noble
  • barnesandnoble.com
  • Church & Dwight
  • Canon
  • Costco
  • David's Bridal
  • Duane Reade
  • Dynamic Delivery Service
  • Educational Testing Service
  • Fedway Associates
  • H.D. Smith
  • Hoffman LaRoche
  • Interbake Foods
  • International Intimates
  • Martignetti Companies
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mutual Distributors
  • Natures Bounty
  • Orefield Cold Storage
  • Parts Plus Distribution
  • Permacel
  • Recycle, Inc.
  • Rochester Drug Cooperative
  • Simon & Schuster
  • William Grant & Sons
  • WorldPac
End Customer List

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