Poly-V Belt Driven Conveyors Are Ideal For Heavy Duty Handling

Hytrol's Poly-V belt driven conveyors are an alternative to chain rollers providing an efficient, quiet and maintenance free operation. The unique polyurethane v-belts used to drive the rollers prevent jumping and reduce noise by absorbing shock and vibrations. The Poly-V series of conveyors is ideally suited for heavier loads such as pallets, drums, containers and totes. Accumulation is possible when combined with our EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation system and a more energy efficient operation is attainable when paired with our E24™ 24 VDC motor. With six different Poly-V belt models, Hytrol provides the ideal pallet handling solution for you.

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PACLINE Overhead Conveyor Systems
Manufacturer of Overhead Conveyor Systems
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PACLINE Overhead Conveyors is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality overhead conveyor systems. Since 1979, PACLINE Overhead Conveyors has installed thousands of systems with over 1 million feet of conveyors in over thirty countries around the world. For over 25 years, PACLINE has been providing material handling solutions to a wide range of industries from automotive parts to empty carton handling. Contact Us for additional product or system solution information.
Power and Free Overhead Conveyor (Model S-310)
Pacline S310For Power and Free conveying, the S-310 and S-320 are compact, enclosed track conveyors that can be used "slot down" or "slot up" (inverted Power and Free).The S-310 and the S-320 are well suited for applications such as: paintlines, live overhead storage of products, work in progress and assembly lines.
  • Modular components and bolted design for easy installation.
  • Free trolleys have "flippers" so conveyor can be inverted.
  • Simple drive dog design utilizing an inexpensive cast piece can be inserted into the chain on 8" c-c, allowing you the fastest cycle times in the industry.
  • "combination wheel-turn/ take-up drive" saves time and money.
High Capacity Overhead Conveyor (Model S-60)
Pacline S60PACLINE's S-60 system is a high capacity, enclosed track chain conveyor designed for stability in conveying heavy duty loads; up to 220 lbs from a single pendant. Larger loads of up to 440 or 880 pounds can be supported by two or four trolley load bar arrangements.
  • Bolted design for easy installation without welding.
  • Largest track cross-section in the industry for added stability in carrying heavy loads.
  • Unique "+" shaped track section allows for "slot-up" (inverted), "slot sideways" or "slot down" applications.
  • Enclosed track design keeps chain and track free from paint, dirt or other contaminants.
I-Beam Overhead Trolley Conveyor
Pacline I-BeamTo convey heavy loads cost effectively, consider the 'tried and true' I-Beam Overhead Conveyor system from PACLINE. The I-Beam overhead conveyor is proven to provide the lowest "cost per lb. of capacity" of all overhead conveyors.
  • Available in 3", 4" and 6" I-beams.
  • Welded design for rugged, long term use.
  • Drop forged, rivetless chain is highly flexible and requires no tools for assembly.
  • Full line of I-beam trolley assemblies and attachments can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Open track and chain design, all components are exposed and visible.

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