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About Us

What we do

Century Conveyor Systems is completely dedicated to the efficiency and stability of your operations. As a full-service integrator, we can provide a multitude of material handling solutions, ranging from conveyor systems and robotics, to warehouse management systems and reporting software.
Our system engineers design and validate an automated warehouse or distribution center system design for you, increasing output, lowering labor costs, and placing you on the cutting edge of automation. There are thousands of solutions, and Century knows exactly which ones will benefit your supply chain the most.
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about us

Our history

Ron Ferrara founded the company in 1981 based in Edison, NJ and focused on Material Handling Systems, Installation and Conveyor technical service. With hard work and a commitment and focus on customer satisfaction, the company grew to a full-service material handling systems integrator serving a variety of industries and applications.
In 2017 Century was acquired by Lafayette Engineering, Inc (LEI) based in Danville, KY and Ontario, CA to become a Nationwide Systems Integrator able to self-perform most of the work required for successful turnkey automated systems.

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Through combined strategic planning and resource allocation with LEI, Century provides full project life cycle services including system design, concept/ROI validation, project implementation, installation services, and operational/technical support based on specific client needs and requirements.
For over 40 years, Century continues to offer valuable and cutting edge material handling technologies and services to a variety of industry categories. We maintain a strong commitment to you, through ethical business practices centered around a personal, yet professional working relationship.
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Century Conveyor Systems engineers automated material handling systems for warehouses and distribution centers that replace manual labor or outdated technology with automated machines, designed to increase output and profits. As a full-service integrator, Century manages your project from cradle to grave.

As a full-service integrator, Century engineers and oversees your entire project- from the initial consultation meeting to the day you turn your new system on (and even beyond with our maintenance support). This means you don’t have to contact multiple manufacturers, consultants, contractors, etc. It’s a complete one-stop-shop.

We integrate a wide range of solutions, from conveyors and storage racks to robotic picking machines, ASRS’s and much more. Our strategic partnerships and industry expert engineers keep us on the cutting-edge of material handling technology. You can explore all our integrations on our Solutions page. 

If the product is in a carton, tote, polybag, pallet, drum, or some form of container, we can engineer a solution for it. 

Every project is unique and varies depending on a multitude of factors, but for the average project, 6 months is a typical timeframe. 

Compared to automated systems, manual operations pale in comparison and are often more costly. An automated system would decrease labor overhead, are safer, increase output and productivity rates, and after the initial investment, quickly increase profits. 

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View a printable PDF brochure detailing Century Conveyor Systems’ services, solutions, and capabilities.

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