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Turnkey conveyor
& material handling automation systems

Conveyor and warehouse solutions

Move product.
Fast. Stable. Efficient.

As a distribution automation integrator, Century can design a multitude of material handling solutions based on your warehouse or shipping facility requirements and goals.

Our system engineers design, validate, and implement turnkey systems within your warehouse, increasing output, and lowering labor costs with the deployment of cutting-edge automation.

Century manages all aspects of your project, starting from initial layouts to installation and go-live, in a complete full-service experience.

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If it’s an item that goes into a box, pallet, tote, drum, or polybag,

Century can engineer an effective system using the material handling solutions below

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Scanning and Weighing

Voice-to-pick and scanning handhelds, scan towers, scales, and dimensioners.

Conveyor Service and Parts

Century Conveyor offers an expansive conveyor maintenance and service department. With a fleet of service vans and over 40 years of conveyor experience, Century is the clear choice for the mechanical care of your conveyor system.

Our certified conveyor service technicians can be dispatched to your facility within the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York metropolitan area.

Century can also provide a quotation on replacement conveyor parts and equipment, to ship directly to your location.


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Conveyor Equipment Routine Maintenance Guide

Preventative maintenance and routine service for conveyors are critical to maximizing uptime. Ensuring your conveyor system is receiving proper mechanical care drastically decreases the event of an outage or system failure.

This free guide explains the frequency at which equipment should be inspected, what components are to be serviced, and specific maintenance instructions. 




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Over the past five years. 

“We credit our success to delivering warehouse automation systems that exceed our customer's expectations and our promise, by not only by selling solutions but by completing a design that enables you to propel your facility to full potential.”

Bruce Robbins, Owner



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Projects above were completed in the past five years. 

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