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Retrofit & Modernization

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Cost-effective automation

At Century, we specialize in retrofitting your existing system with the most modern automation system in the business. Every distributor’s goal is to get the most product out the door within an allotted time. As hard as you work to maintain the equipment over time, it will inevitably start wearing down and will need to be replaced or updated. Or you could have outgrown your current system and need to get more throughput. 

Retrofits are a cost-effective solution to modernize a system without re-engineering an entire operation. Century is capable of offering system recommendations, as well as sourcing, engineering, installing, and validating a variety of machines, including:

  • Conveyor sections
  • Packing equipment
  • Print and apply systems
  • Scanners
  • Dimensioners
  • Case formers, erectors, sealers
  • PLC updates
  • WMS and WCS
  • Equipment tear out and relocation
  • and more

We have managed retrofits as small as a few thousand-dollar capital, to as large as a few million-dollar capital. We will work together with your operations team to find a way to update your system with as little downtime as possible. Whatever your reason for wanting to retrofit, you can rest assured that Century will put forth our experience, of more than 40 years, in the industry to make sure your updated system flows as smoothly as possible and be able to reach max ability. 

Engineering efficiency