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Order Fulfillment Systems


The order fulfillment process refers to all the steps fulfillment centers take from the moment they receive an order until the item arrives at the shipping dock to be loaded onto a truck for delivery.

Century will engineer an efficient order fulfillment solution at every touchpoint in your operations. Our main goal is to optimize your system for output performance, reduce errors that cause returns or item breakage, and to generate profits by processing items faster with less manual interactions.

Some of the solutions employed in order fulfillment include:

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Conveyor Systems

Warehouse conveyor systems are the backbone of any automated operation, offering a continuously moving assembly line to quickly complete the processing, sortation, and distribution of a package. Conveyors typically use belts or rollers to  automate the movement of cartons or pallets, powered by motors. Each warehouse has a specially engineered layout, consisting of a variety of conveyor sections, depending on function.


  • Durable and reliable, a well-maintained system can last over 20 years
  • Various solutions can be added to a conveyor line to increase automation
  • Conveyors offer the quickest form of transportation across a facility
  • Split and full case order handling ability

Conveyor Types

  • Live Roller
  • Belt-Over
  • Drag Chain
  • Modular Belt
  • Gravity
  • Zero and Minimum Pressure
  • V-Belt
  • Overhead
  • Incline
  • Extendable
  • Pallet Drag Chain
  • Pallet Gravity
  • Chain Driven Live Roller
  • Poly-V
agv and amr robotic solution header image

Robotic Order Fulfillment

Automated warehouse robots, typically defined as either an AGV (automated guided vehicle) or an AMR (autonomous mobile robot) provide transport capabilities, similar to that of a lift truck or a goods to person operation. 


  • Quick integration process, compared to other solutions
  • Scalable- more systems can be implemented later on, as needed
  • Flexible- systems are not “bolted down” like other automation solutions
  • Can be customized for specific handling solutions


AMRs are trackless and navigate through their environment by utilizing sophisticated sensors and programming. This allows AMRs to move pallets, cartons, or carts in a highly versatile manner, since they can move freely throughout a facility.


AGVs utilize a multitude of applications to move through their environment, included but not limited to magnetic tape, laser guidance, radio frequency, inductive wire, magnetic spot and more. The method of movement for an AGV is highly dependent on the capabilities of the facility it is operating in.

Order Fulfillment

Century engineers a customized solution designed to rapidly transport orders across your facility, inclusive of all package touchpoints, to its correct destination.