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Pick Modules & Storage Systems

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Systems designed to streamline picking processes

A pick module is a multi-level rack or shelving supported structure used to store and select pallets, cases, or individual items from a variety of storage medium. Order selection in the module includes RF directed cart picking, zone routing conveyor, or pick to belt conveyor systems. Pick modules utilize cubic space more efficiently and enhance picking and replenishment operations.

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Storage Systems

Storage systems provide the ability to store full pallets, individual cases, or small items. The offerings below are designed to improve and decrease the amount of floor space used in our client’s facilities.


  • Integration of storage and order selection system
  • Customize design and configuration for individual needs
  • Gives the ability to pick and store full pallets to single pieces in one centralized system
  • Picking rates are increased and floor space requirements are reduced

Steel components designed to store pallets or used as an integrated structure for product storage and order selection systems.

Durable solid-steel shelving typically used to store order items in cartons or totes that are generally in smaller quantities and support piece-picking operations.

Multi-level pitched gravity roller or wheel sections, designed to move cartons or totes from a replenishment aisle to a pick aisle and normally support piece-picking operations.

Platforms designed to maximize space within a warehouse by placing a second or third level above the ground floor used to store product or equipment such as sortation systems, etc.

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Automatic Storage and Retrieval System

Automation in the form of an ASRS (automatic storage and retrieval system) can rapidly retrieve pallets that need to be distributed or store long-term inventory in the most optimal spot within a racking system. An ASRS uses a crane attached to horizontal and vertical track, scaling the racking structure, and using extendable forks to handle pallets. The operator terminal provides information on what product is stored where, and the ASRS operates when a retrieve or store command is inputted.


  • Incredibly efficient when compared to manual operations
  • Smaller footprint size when compared to normal racking structures
  • Eliminates the need for forklift picking operations
  • Reduces risk associated with manual pallet handling
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Shuttle Systems

Shuttle systems are powered picking robots that travel inside a racking structure, accessing small compartments or “cubbies” where items are stored. When an item is to be processed for an order, the robot retrieves it and brings it either to an outfeed receptacle or conveyor to be packaged and sent to loading operations.


  • Highly effective for warehouses that store mass quantities of the same item
  • Eliminates the need for multiple forklift operations
  • Efficient storage and movement of product
  • Expedites picking operations

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