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Powerful PandA

Print & Apply systems are created for automated processes in production lines. A standard Print & Apply system includes a barcode scanner to identify the packaged product, a print & apply machine to create the bar-code label, conveyor for inducting, labeling and rerouting of the product, a verification scanner to read the printed label, software to merge data and communicate with the host system.

Various Print & Apply machines exist, each with different functions. Century can help source a system that fits your throughput, in-and-out feeding operations, and size limitations. We’ll implement it within your current warehouse setup, or integrate it as part of a larger automation installation.


Print & Apply systems allow distribution centers to send out products faster by minimizing operator handling and processing times within their facilities. Eliminating or minimizing operator ‘touches’ can improve a company’s throughput. Print & Apply systems also benefit companies who have products that are time stamped, serialized, or require a variation in every label by processing those specifications through the label machine.

  • One-stop print and apply line equipped with controls, electrical wiring, scanner, and printer.
  • Plug and play ready to tie into an existing system or ready to stand alone.
  • ConveyorWorks WCS that can tie into any WMS.
  • 40 Cartons Per Minute (CPM) Max with two printers.
  • 20 CPM max with one printer
  • Increases throughput rates and label verification
  • Real-time statistics with a log of cartons ran through the system
  • Real-time error log and diagnostic system summaries including line activity, history, exceptions, summary stats, detailed stats, printer status, and settings.
  • Verification Scan stats for Print and apply.
  • Label Verification stats for print and apply.
  • In-line scale & dimensions

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