Fedway Associates is a New Jersey-based wine and spirits wholesaler with a rich history. The company got its start in 1933 after prohibition. Today, it services licensed package stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the state. The company currently operates in a state-of-the-art 539,000-square-foot distribution facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


The company had been working with a nearly 20-year-old Hytrol system. They were looking to update that system in 2012. However, Hurricane Sandy would hit New Jersey later that year which compelled the company to find a new facility, thus a new conveyor system and Warehouse Control System (WCS) would need to be integrated.


  • Increase product accuracy and throughput
  • Incorporate a WCS
  • Decrease product breakage

System Specifications

  • Additional 106,000 SF mezzanine
  • Double-stacked roll transfer
  • 60-ft sliding shoe sorter


Fedway Associates was able to reduce product breakage by more than 70 percent with the new system. An increase in throughput rate reduced the number of hours taken to process cases. The state-of-the-art WCS helped with product traceability and inventory accuracy which ensures the correct cartons are shipped.

  • Reduced product breakage by more than 70%
  • Increased throughput
  • Increase product traceability
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Warehouse control system incorporated


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