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Conveyor Parts Management Program

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Conveyor Parts Management Program

The Century Parts Audit and Maintenance Program is a plan designed to ensure that all relevant system equipment is functioning efficiently and safely by conducting an audit of the current on-hand inventory against the recommended spare parts inventory for the applicable system.

This program will reduce unplanned downtime, which costs the average distribution center $10,000 or more per hour of outage.

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Benefits of a parts management program

  • Part replenishment routine
  • Avoid costly system downtime
  • Effortless parts management
  • Single source for all system parts
  • Replacement parts are always on-site
  • Reduction of parts-related inhouse labor

How does this program operate?

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The parts maintenance plan outlines the steps needed to keep the equipment in good working condition and includes details such as the parts to be ordered and the process of replacing parts.

The audit report will provide a list of recommended spare parts required to provide optimum uptime.

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