Conveyor Unit Maintenance Checklist

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Experiencing trouble with your conveyor system, and don’t know where to start? Century Conveyor Systems has created this service checklist that our very own conveyor technicians use in the field to diagnose systems.

Like any machine, conveyor systems need to undergo proper maintenance and repairs to operate as efficiently as possible. Much like a car, certain components need to be routinely identified and serviced before damages or an outage occurs.

Following the maintenance checklist below at regular intervals will take you through the most common service points on a conveyor unit.


Condition■ Frayed■ Ripped
Lacing■ Pulled-out■ Teeth Missing
Tracking■ Off-center
Tension■ Too Tight■ Too Loose

Drive Assembly

Motor■ Noisy■ Overheating
Reducer■ Leaking■ Low Oil Level
Reducer Breather■ Dirty■ Missing
Clutch■ Noisy■ Slipping
Brake■ Noisy■ Slipping
Wiring■ Damaged■ Exposed
Chain & Sprockets■ Noisy■ Worn■ Alignment Off
Belt Drive■ Noisy■ Teeth Missing■ Alignment Off
Drive Pulley■ Damaged■ Worn Shaft■ Alignment Off
Drive Pulley Lagging■ Damaged■ Separating■ Alignment Off
Bearings■ Noisy■ Worn Grease Seals
Assembly Bolts■ Loose■ Missing

End Assembly

Pulley■ Damaged■ Worn Shaft■ Alignment Off
Bearings■ Noisy■ Worn Grease Seals

Take Up Assembly

Pulley■ Damaged■ Worn Shaft■ Alignment Off
Bearings■ Noisy■ Worn Grease Seals
Adjustment Bolts■ Noisy■ Worn Grease Seals


Idler■ Noisy■ Missing■ Bent
Snub■ Noisy■ Damaged
Pop-Out■ Noisy■ Missing■ Bent
Transition■ Noisy■ Missing■ Damaged

Conveyor Bed

Condition■ Damaged■ Holes■ Alignment Off
Supports■ Damaged■ Loose■ Missing
Transition■ Missing■ Alignment Off


Conduit■ Damaged■ Loose
Junction Boxes■ Damaged■ Open■ Missing
E-Stop Buttons■ Damaged■ Missing■ Not Functioning
Pull Cord Switches■ Damaged■ Not Functioning

Extendable Conveyor

Cam Followers■ Missing■ Loose
Lifting Screws■ Worn Threads■ Not Functioning
E-Stop Buttons■ Damaged■ Not Functioning
Limit Switch■ Damaged■ Not Functioning

Bonus: Maintenance Tips

Belt Repair

Frayed, torn, or worn belts can actually be repaired if the damage is not too extensive.

There are a few methods used to do this:

  • Vulcanization
  • Cold curing
  • Metal fasteners


Excessive load on a conveyor can place strain on components, cause belts to track unevenly, or cause motors to overheat and shut off. Ensure workers are placing items in the middle of the belt, facing straight ahead.

Structure Stress

Items may be getting jammed at a certain point in the conveyor, even when belts, rollers, pulleys, and idlers have been adjusted correctly. This may be because the conveyor bed structure itself is warped, due to excessive loading or employee error (such as leaning on conveyor support).

Check to ensure sections line up, and that there are no depressions or offsets in the side structures.


Chain wear without routine lubrication causes the chain to sag over time, and will not fit the sprockets. Proper usage of the recommended oil grade, per the manufacturer, or the temperature, will extend chain life.

Need help with your conveyor system? Century Conveyor Systems Inc. has over 40 years of conveyor service experience and boasts a full department of maintenance technicians and equipment experts. Learn more about our extensive capabilities at our On-site Conveyor Service page.