Fedway Associates


Fedway Associates is a New Jersey-based wine and spirits wholesaler with a rich history. The company got its start in 1933 after prohibition. Today, it services licensed package stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the state. The company currently operates in a state-of-the-art 539,000-square-foot distribution facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


The company had been working with a nearly 20-year-old Hytrol system. They were looking to update that system in 2012. However, Hurricane Sandy would hit New Jersey later that year which compelled the company to find a new facility, thus a new conveyor system and Warehouse Control System (WCS) would need to be integrated.


  • Increase product accuracy and throughput
  • Incorporate a WCS
  • Decrease product breakage

System Specifications

  • Additional 106,000 SF mezzanine
  • Double-stacked roll transfer
  • 60-ft sliding shoe sorter


Fedway Associates was able to reduce product breakage by more than 70 percent with the new system. An increase in throughput rate reduced the number of hours taken to process cases. The state-of-the-art WCS helped with product traceability and inventory accuracy which ensures the correct cartons are shipped.

  • Reduced product breakage by more than 70%
  • Increased throughput
  • Increase product traceability
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Warehouse control system incorporated


Salson Logistics

Salson Logistics is a port-to-shelf 3PL logistics services provider, servicing large retailers and consumer brand products. Their customer-focused capabilities and their desire to provide and accommodate their customer’s needs led them to seek a more automated solution for their warehousing operation. Salson determined that their most pressing requirements were to increase accuracy and provide not only greater throughput but to be able to accommodate various carton identifiers, while still employing a common software system solution.  The Material Handling system solution provided by Century Conveyor provided for an accurate read and receipt of inbound merchandise leading to a cross-dock sortation application, allowing hand palletization as well as direct truck fluid loading. 

Prior to the automated system, Salson had employed a rather manual process, with very limited conveyor automation. Upon receipt, labels were manually applied. Scanning and sortation were performed manually. All products were then hand palletized prior to disposition. Despite the reliance on manual operations, and multiple shifts, Salson was able to achieve daily volumes of up to 20,000 cartons per day. 

Century along with Lafayette Engineering was able to provide an integrated systems solution that allowed Salson to achieve the receiving rates and cross-dock sortation rates necessary to provide Salson a solution that allows them to process 35,000 cartons per seven-hour shift or over 100,000 cartons over three shifts.

The Century / Lafayette team solution provided for all aspects for turn-key development, including such key functions as the warehouse control system, material handling hardware, physical implementation, controls, software, and the engineering and project management disciplines necessary to ensure a timely and correct final commissioning, startup and turnover.

Some of the features of this system include traversing trailer unloaders, allowing five traversing unload conveyors the ability to service multiple inbound dock doors, Receiving scan tunnels, on each pair of receiving lines that allow for the capture of all carton received merchandise, ( can scan all sides of carton except bottom) along with no read divert for correction, right at scan location. 16 cartons per minute rate at each receiving location. Upon receipt, cartons accumulate and are queued up on indexing slug belts prior to a merge point. Five accumulation lanes feeding a merge, provide for an outbound rate of 95 per minute.

Merge releases to a bi-directional slat sorter where cartons are read. Thru the WMS/WCS communication, 95 cartons per minute run through the bidirectional sorter which has 23 left hand palletizing divert lanes and 12 right-hand fluid load truck fill lanes, along with another 10 hand palletizing lanes. Palletizing lanes having provisions for hand scanning with label generation for manifesting.

Recirculation is provided for lane full, truck changeout process and other purposes.

The Century/ Lafayette solution provided Salson the key operational features such as reduced labor cost, a vastly higher thru-put capacity, and greater inbound and outbound accuracy. The system’s main benefit in providing a flexible design, beyond greater accuracy and increased capacity has allowed Salson to the ability to take on additional clients.